The latest interactive technology to increase fan engagement.

Help fans instantly support their team at the game and on-line with customised support banners. Instantly print customised supporter banners and let fans instantly share their team message via Facebook, email or mobile. New interactive marketing technology from BL!NK Republic to help fans instantly support their team at the game and on-line. Technology to increase (branded) user generated content.

BL!NK Republic’s advanced Social Sharing Platform, interactive touch screens and high speed printing technology lets fans instantly produce their own supporter banners and instantly share their messages via Facebook, Email and Mobile.

Instant Social Media engagement and interaction increasing awareness and connections for Clubs and Sponsors. The most advanced, interactive technology and high speed printing to help fans support their team and spread the message on Social Media.

The unique User Generated Content generates a huge Social buzz as Fans share their support messages among Friends on-line. Insta-Banner technology is designed to be integrated into Sponsor and Club activations using customised branding, themes and Social Media messages.

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