Social Media Photo Booth

The most advanced Social Media Photo Booth technology helping Brands, Rights Holders and Sponsors generating instant awareness and engagement. Create an engaging, interactive consumer experience with customised Branding and Social Media Messages while generate instant brand interactions and connections.

Innovative new technology

The first photo booths were invented in the 1890s consisting of an automated camera and printer to take and print peoples photos, similar original style photos booths have remained hugely popular and are still used today. Blink Republic Social Media Photo Booths were developed specifically by a team of Marketers and Software Engineers to let users instantly share their photos on Social Media.

Integrating photographic technology and proprietary software they appeal to the huge number of people on Social Media allowing them to instantly share their photos with Friends. As a result of the instant social sharing the Booths enable Event Organisers and Sponsors to increase awareness and engagement as part of Major Events, Marketing Campaigns, Promotions and Sponsorship activations.

Four reasons to use a Blink Republic Social Media Photo Booth

1. Social Media Amplification

Blink Republic Social Media Booths have unique proprietary software and technology to enable guests and event organisers to instantly share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Mobile. Social Media is all about the here and now, sharing what you’re doing right now not 2 or 3 days later…  Blink Republic’s Social Media Booths instantly post photos increasing the sharing rather than relying on the user receiving an email hoping that they will click through and share their photo.

Instant sharing increase the number of Likes, re-tweets, Favourites and Shares of the photos by Friends and Followers. This Social Media Amplification exponentially increases the awareness and engagement helping promote events and their sponsors.


Instant sharing on Facebook from the NRL Finals

2. Event Experience

With so many sporting, music and cultural events to choose from Event Organisers and Sponsors have to ensure they create a unique experience to appeal to attendees. Social Media Booths are innovative new technology creating a fun, social and memorable experience. Users still receive a printed photo in addition to instantly sharing them on Social Media which all adds the ‘value’ that users get from Social Media Booths.


Cricket Australia fan engagement and interaction

3. Brand Engagement

How many TV commercials and billboards do you see each day which you simply don’t pay attention to? Consumers are bombarded with so many advertising messages each day that many become ‘wall paper’ and have no impact on consumer perceptions about a brand. Blink Republic Social Media Booths have been develop to integrate brand messages and branding into the photos and Social Media Messages. So when users share their photos they also help communicate key messages about the events and sponsors. One of the powers of Social Media is that people are far more interested in what their friends are saying (than brands). So when a friend shares branded content they are far more likely to engage with the Brand involved. In this way sharing from Social Media Booth are more effective than promoted posts.


Australian Open Tennis Social Media Booth

4. Data Capture

In order to improve Events, organisers need to understand more about who is attending and what they enjoy doing. In the same way marketers need to understand consumers to improve their products, services. Blink Republic Social Media Booth provide a unique way to learn more about consumers and capture data. The data can include their likes and interests, insights into events they attend, Social Media usage, email and mobile data.

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