Tweet Booth

The Twitter Mirror for Fan/ Consumer Engagement at Major Events

Tweet Booth enables Fans to instantly share branded content increasing awareness and engagement for Events and Sponsors


The Tweet Booth Experience
1. Pose
2. Select your photo on Tweet Booth touch screen
3. Enter @handle, can’t remember @handle or not on Twitter… don’t worry Fans can enter their email address
4. Favourite, re-tweet and follow!


10 Reason to use Tweet Booth

1.  Instant sharing on Twitter, add to the conversations on Twitter while the event is happening
2.  Great content to increase engagement, photos average a 35% boost in Retweets*
3.  Pre-set Tweet shared with Fan photo includes #tags and @handles to increase engagement and Followers (including Sponsors)
4.  Memorable, interactive experience adding to match day experience
5.  Add rewards for Retweets, Replies and Favourites eg display on Jumbotron screens
6.  Customised branding for Sponsor integration to increase  visibility and awareness
7.  Great content for Media Agencies and Celebrities to re-tweet increasing reach and engagement
8.  Add instant Photo printing to give fans something to take away
9.  Email sharing option for Fans not on Twitter
10.  High Res copies of all the Photos for other marketing purposes

Making a Tweet Booth happen

Send us your Event, Team or Sponsors logos and we’ll create examples of how photos and Tweets could look.

Tweet Booth costs vary depending on location, duration and number of events. Email your enquiry to and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours with a proposal;
– Event Location
– Dates of Events
– Duration of Events

Integrate a Tweet Booth into any Sporting, Cultural, Music or Entertainment Event


Tweet Booth FAQs

Operation and Management
– The Tweet Booth is a turn key solution designed to be customise and branded for any event. The set-up, operation and management of the Tweet Booth is carried out by fully trained BL!NK Republic staff.

What’s included
– Tweet Booth application enabling instant Fan photo Tweets
-All hardware including Operator and Sharing Terminal
-Email photo sharing
– Two Tweet Booth operators to help take photos and tweet photos
– Customised Photo Background artwork design and printing
– Photo Branding artwork design
– Customised pre-set Tweet and Email message
– 4G wireless internet for unlimted Tweets and Emails
– Post Event Report
– High Speed 4”x6” photo printing
– Additional Event Staff
-Terminal branding

– All photos will be supplied to the Client immediately after the event

Engagement and Interaction
-The Tweet Booth averages a photo every minute with 3-4 people each in photo
-For the best results position the Tweet Booth in a high traffic area as it most effective when amongst Fans!

Twitter Accounts
– Given the volume of Tweets that may be shared it’s recommend using the @_tweetbooth account or setting up a Photo Feed account for the activation. Remember the Tweet will include the @handle of the Club or Sponsor

-Tweet Booth activations can run from 1 hour to 10 hours and for single or multiple days depending on the size of the event.

Set-up and Pack Down
-The Tweet Booth runs of a single standard power point
-Set-up takes about two hours, packs down in 1 hour

Lead time for Tweet Booth
– Tweet Booths activations can be turned around in less than 5 working days however pending Travel and Transport allow; Australasia 10-20 working days, Europe/ North America 20-40 working days.


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