MCG Social Media Booth

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Easter Monday 2014

Over 80,000 Fans turn out to see the AFL blockbuster between Geelong and Hawthorn

NIB insurance uses innovative Social Media Booth technology to increase engagement and awareness for their #itsgoodtobehuman campaign

The Social Media Booth captures hundreds of Fan photos as they enter the MCG

Fans use interactive touch screens to instantly share their photos on Facebook, via Email and Mobile


The instant sharing generates a huge Social buzz as family and friends Like, Tag and Share

Lucky fans have their photos displayed on the giant screen at the MCG increasing awareness

NIB Screen 3

Bank of Melbourne Interactive Social Media Booths at the Festival of Colours

As part of the 2014 Festival of Colors at Bundoora Park, the Bank of Melbourne used interactive Social Media Booths from BL!NK Republic to help participants instantly share their photos via Facebook, email and mobile.

Festival of Colour

Now in its third year the family friendly event is about sharing peace and harmony among
everyone, coloring yourself as well as your life!

The interactive Social Media Booth allowed participants to capture photos of themselves and the colorful mess with family and friends. From touch screens the photos can be instantly shared via Facebook increasing the awareness and engagement with the event.

Connected Technology: The What, Why and How?

“What we want is the ability to share content outside of wherever an event is happening” Kevin Jackson, Event Magazine’s Most Influential Person 2014.

Connected Technology Social Media Booth Undies Run

So what exactly is Connected Technology? Why are leading Event, Sponsorship and Festival Directors all looking to use Connected Technology? And how can others start to integrate Connected Technology into their Events?


Connected Technology generally refers to software and hardware solutions that help merge the digital and physical worlds. In the Marketing and Events industries Connected Technology solutions are increasingly being used to connect consumers with friends, brands and events. Merging Social Media with Event, Sponsorship or Brand experiences through interactive media.

Connected Technology Social Media Touch and iPhone

Examples include Marketing Technology firm BL!NK Republic’s Social Media Booth and Insta-Banner which create interactive experiences and allow guests to instantly share their Event experience with Friends and Family on Social Media.

Social Media Booth iiNet


Nike, Sydney Fashion Festival, Good Food and Wine Show, Cricket Australia, Telstra and Virgin Media are among the leading Brands that have used Connected Technology to build engagement with guests and increase reach among new consumers.

The Social Media interaction and awareness created by these technologies helps increase Sponsors returns and the Events to grow. As Kevin Jackson notes “all of a sudden, costs per person have come down and you have engaged a wider community.”

Connected Technology Social Media Virgin and Telstra

Connected Technology also helps Brands and Event’s increase connections with consumers on a longer term basis. The content created and shared by Users increases Social Media Followers as friends share their Event experience.

Consumer Data captured by the systems also allows Brand and Events to continue the relationship with guests sharing new content, special incentives and latest news via email and mobile.

Connected Technology Social Media McDonalds Results


Connected Technology is most effective when integrated into an Event or Campaign creating an engaging, interactive experience for consumers. The technology should allow instant sharing via Social Media to increase awareness engagement - Social Media has become one of our most instantaneous forms of communication, in the same way guests want to share event experiences when they are happening. This means Connected Technology must allow instant sharing and have easy to use interfaces for people to engage with.

Connected Technology Social Media Booth Touch

Technology such as BL!NK Republic’s Social Media Booth and INSTA-Banner are designed to be integrated into any Sporting, Music, Entertainment or Fashion event using customised Branding and Social Media Messaging. Alternatively be-spoke customised systems can be developed including a range of media and interactive technologies.

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Cricket Australia's MCG Social Media Booth

As part of the 2013/14 Ashes series Cricket Australia ran the first ever MCG “Open Day” inviting family and friends to enjoy free entry to the MCG.
Fans were able to watch the Australian and English Cricket teams train ahead of the Boxing Day test, get Player autographs, join in the free kid’s activities and have the chance to walk onto the hallowed turf of the MCG.

To increase awareness and engagement on Social Media Cricket Australia used Social Media booth technology from BL!NK Republic allowing Fans to instantly share the experience.

The Social Media Booths captured fan photos from the boundary. Using interactive touch screens Fan were then able to instantly share their MCG photo via Facebook, Email or Mobile message.
The instant Social Sharing generated a huge Social buzz with User Generated Content seen by thousands of Facebook users as friends shared their MCG photos. The messages automatically included links to the Cricket Australia Facebook page increasing followers and engagement as they Liked, Shared and Commented on photos.
Each fan also received a print out of their photo to take away on the day with the Social Media Booth collecting email and mobile data for Cricket Australia to share more unique content with Fans who attended the MCG.

Nike, McDonald’s and the Sydney Swans are among other international Brands, Clubs and Sponsors using BL!NK Republic Social Media Booth technology to increase their interaction with consumer, grow followers and (branded) User Generated Content as part of their marketing activity.

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Microsoft’s Social Media Booth activation as part of Xbox One launch.

Xbox One, Microsoft's first new gaming console in eight years was launched in Sydney and Auckland on November 21st ahead of the rest of the world with midnight parties in both cities.

As part of the event at Sydney’s Luna Park Microsoft lit up the sky and harbour with 3D projection and ‘painted the town green’. To increase user generated content and Social sharing of the launch Social Media Booth technology from BL!NK Republic was used to allow guests to capture their moment and instantly share it via Facebook, email and mobile adding to the already huge digital buzz about Xbox One.

The interactive technology allows consumers to use touch screens to instantly share their photos with friends on their Facebook wall or via email and mobile messages increasing Social Media awareness and engagement.

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TEDxMacquarieUniversity is an inspirational high quality student-run event which comprises engaging talks, exciting performers, stimulating action projects, workshops, exhibitions and networking.
As part of the event PWC showcased BL!NK Republic Social Media Photo Booth technology engaging some of the Australia’s leading thinkers and speakers including Ben Rennie, Fred Watson, Iggy Pintado and Daniel Kilov.

St Kilda Festival Social Media Booth

As part of their St Kilda Festival sponsorship Air Asia used Social Media Booth technology to create an interactive experience for consumers enabling them to get a St Kilda Festival photo and instantly share it with friends via Facebook, email and mobile.

The instant Social sharing helped Air Asia connect with visitors to the St Kilda Festival and increase connections with consumers as friends Like, Tag and Comment on the photos.

Good Food and Wine Show

Smoothie loves share their show experience using interactive Social Media Booths.

Visitors to the Good Food and Wine Show were able to use an interactive Social Media Booth at the Creative Gourmet Smoothie stand to share branded photos with friends.
The instant sharing of photos helped Creative Gourmet increase engagement and interaction with consumers increasing awareness and connections with the brand.

Bar Show

ALH operate more than 285 licensed venues and over 450 retail liquor outlets across Australia. As part of the New Brighton Hotel re-opening they used Social Media Booth technology at the Sydney Bar show to engage hospitality professionals and suppliers. Guests were able to instantly share their photos via Facebook, email and mobile generating a great Social buzz as well as some great content for the New Brighton Hotel to share with their followers on Facebook.

Cricket's big win with Social Media Booths!

Social Media Booth technology increases Fan Engagement and Interaction.

Social Media booth technology at Test Match, One Day and Big Bash T20 cricket matches across Australia this summer generates instant Social Media engagement and connections as fans share their cricket experience via Social Media.

Instant Social Media posts from the booth drive awareness and engagement as friends Tag, Share and Comment on Fan Photos.

Customised photo experience, branding, backgrounds and Social Media messages increase engagement and interaction. Fans participate in the Perth Scorchers Social Media Booth at the WACA Ground (below), branded photos are instantly printed and shared via Facebook, Email and Mobile messages.

Customised photo experience, branding, backgrounds and Social Media messages increase engagement and interaction. Fans participate in the Perth Scorchers Social Media Booth at the WACA Ground (below), branded photos are instantly printed and shared via Facebook, Email and Mobile messages.

Thousands of fans participate in the Social Media Booth activations generating awareness and engagement for Clubs and Sponsors. Data collected by the Social Media Booth allows for on-going digital marketing with Fans.

Social Media Booth technology is integrated into Cricket Australia's Biggest Dress Up Party competition to increase entries and Fan engagement on match days. The fancy dress photos create great Social Media content for Fans to share!