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The most advanced Social Media Photo Booths used by Brands, Sponsors and Rights Holders to increase engagement, awareness and connections as part of Events and Sponsorships.

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What is Social Media Photo Booth technology

Instant Social Sharing
Blink Republic’s Social Media Photo Booths incorporate the classic fun and interaction of a Photo Booth with the latest branding and Social Media technology to allow users to instantly share their photos from events on Social Media sites including Facebook and Twitter or via Email and Mobile.

Event photo sharing on personal Facebook pages
Social Media is all about the here and now – people want to share their experiences on Social Media when they are happening, right? That’s why Blink Republic’s Social Media Booths allow users to instantly post their (branded) event photo directly to their Facebook news feed. All they need to do is select their image on the booths touch screen, enter their Facebook user name and password. Their photo and the event post will be instantly shared on their newsfeed for their friends to see!

Instant (branded) event photo sharing on Twitter
The instant, public sharing of photos on Twitter make it a very powerful Social Media tool to promote Events. Blink Republic Social Media Booths allows users to instantly Tweet their (branded) photo. Again all they need to do is select their photo on the Social Media Booth touch screen and enter their Twitter @handle to Tweet their Event photo.

Email and Mobile Photo Sharing
While Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular, not everyone may be a user. Social Media Photo Booths are also hugely popular amongst kids and teenagers who may not have Social Media accounts. Blink Republic Social Media Photo Booths also allow users to share their photos via Email and Mobile. In each case the user will receive a customised email including links to additional information on the Event or Sponsors.

Studio Quality Photos
Social Media Photo Booths are designed to encourage people to share photos on Social Media, if people aren’t looking their best they won’t share their photos will they? To capture the best event photos Blink Republic Booths use studio quality cameras and flashes to ensure that users are looking their best.

Customised Designs, Social Media Messages and Branding
Rather than traditional plain photos, Social Media Photo Booths apply customised designs and effects to each photo giving users a unique photo to share. The design of the photo branding enables event organisers (or sponsors) to communicate hashtags and logos giving visitors an ‘official’ photo from the event.

High Speed Printing
In another technological advancement people no longer have to wait several minutes for photos to be ready. Blink Republic Social Media Booths print photos on the spot. With the increase of digital photos kept only on Smart Phones and Laptops printed photos from events are becoming even more popular giving people a physical memento to take away from the event.

Why was the Technology Developed

Marketing and Sponsorship
Social Media Photo Booths were developed by a team of Marketers and Software Engineers at Blink Republic as a marketing tool for sporting, music or cultural events. The technology was designed to attract people’s attention, create a positive experience that would add to the event and increase awareness on Social Media as people instantly share their photos.
Instant sharing of event photos on Social Media from the Booths is a powerful way to increase awareness as friends see other friend’s photos. The messages and posts that accompany these photos include links to brand websites or Social pages increasing the traffic to these pages. As a result a Social Media Photo Booth is a great way to increase the return on a Sponsorship investment.

Whether a Sporting Event, Music Concert, Food and Wine Show or Launch Party guests love to share with friends the events they are attending. Social Media Photo Booths were developed to create a fun interactive experience to add to any event experience. Giving visitors a photo to take away or share on-line helps extend the experience after the event has finished as family and friends continue talk, comments and share the photos. Social Media Photo Booths add to the event experience as well as adding another dimension as people share their event photos on line to a much wider audience.

Data Collection
In order to improve events, create new experiences and attract new consumers Event Organisers and Sponsors need insights into who is attending their events and ways to communicate with them. Social Media Photo Booths offer Event Organisers and Brands a way to do this by asking if consumers would like to opt-in to be kept up to date with news and information when they share their photos. As a result consumers are rewarded with special offers, new information or special access.

To improve the fun and reward of attending events the Organisers and Sponsors often look for ways to surprise visitors. Social Media Photo Booths provide a unique way to do this. Using the photos created in the booth and the data from the instant sharing consumers may be lucky enough to see their photos on the Big Screens at the MCG or win a prize from a random draw. In each case not only are the consumers getting a great photo from a special event to share with friends they are also receiving an additional reward.

Where have Social Media Booths been used?

Some of the biggest events in Australia and around the world are Sporting events. With hugely passionate fans Social Media Photo Booths are the perfect way to help fans to show their support and share the experience on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or via email and mobile.
Blink Republic’s Social Media Photo Booths have featured at events including the Australian Open Tennis, Ashes Test Matches, NRL Finals, City2Surf, AFL Games, Australian Motorbike Grand Prix, Australian Open of Surfing and V8 Supercars.

The instant sharing of photos, messages and content from booths at these events has helped increase followers and engagement for the events and brands.

Fashion and photography go hand in hand. Therefore creating fun photo experiences at Fashion Events is a great way to engage attendees – people also love to be seen at Fashion Events. As a result Social Media Photo Booths are a great addition and generate a huge amount so Social Media content as guest instantly share their photos.
The Sydney Fashion Festival, Vogue Fashion Night Out, Royal Randwick Fashions on the Field and 30 Days of Fashion have all featured Blink Republic’s Social Media Photo Booths. In addition brands including David Jones, Napoleon Perdis, Revlon and Redken have all used Social Media Booths as part of Fashion Events and Launches.

Music and Culture
For many people seeing their favourite Musician or Artist is a once in a life time opportunity and an event they will never forget. Fans love collecting memorabilia and sharing the experience with family and friends on Social Media. To help fans capture the moment with an ‘official’ photo and to instantly share the experience on Social Media concerts by Beyonce, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake and X Factor Live have all featured Blink Republic’s Social Media Photo Booths.

Brand Campaigns and Events
Blink Republic Social Media Photo Booths help Brands create an engaging, interactive consumer experience. These unique experiences increase consumer interest and awareness of the brands associated with them. Brands including Nike, Telstra, McDonald’s, David Jones, Qantas, Hyundai and Virgin Media have all used Blink Republic’s Social Media Photo Booths as part of Campaigns and Events. The Social Media Photo Booth technology is integrated into Campaigns and Events using customised branding and backgrounds creating a unique way for Brands to increase awareness and followers.

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