A Wrap Up of What We Got Up To This Winter.

A Wrap Up of What We Got Up To This Winter.

With the winter sporting calendar quickly coming to a close for 2018, we thought we’d share some of the activation highlights we’ve achieved over the past few months with our major sporting partners throughout their seasons!

Chemist Warehouse Collingwood Magpies Netball – Blink Video
We partnered with Chemist Warehouse to bring to life their “Tell Us Why You Love Netball” experience during six events in Melbourne and Tasmania. 

Sponsoring the Collingwood Magpies Netball Team, we used the interactive Blink Video format to film, edit, and broadcast fans’ responses with branded content. 

While there was a prize for best response, the real win was the engagement fans had with the Chemist Warehouse branded area.

Estimated Total Social Reach and Engagement – 7,930
% of content shared instantly – 92%
Number of fans engaged during activation – over 700

Adelaide Crows – Blink Active
A little healthy competition went a long way for our Blink Active season campaign for the Adelaide Crows. 

Giving a glimpse into a life-like draft competition, fans were timed through a football camp themed course where they gave their best at training exercises, ball practice, and a footy tackle. 

With a leaderboard driving the competition, fans were rewarded with an image captured of their final tackle along with their time score for the course. Not only did the Crows get real life engagement with their fans pre-game, but also real-time content amplification through the sharing of their branded images that captured the spirit of the game perfectly.

Estimated Total Social Reach and Engagement – 8,420
Number of fans engaged through activation – 1,146

Geelong Cats “Stand Proud” – Game Face
Geelong Cats had a goal this season – and that was, to engage with their fans on a whole new, interactive, and ultimately fun level. 

Through Blink Game Face, we created bespoke club merchandise for their Stand Proud campaign that fans could add to the images they took supporting their favourite team. The content was instantly shareable via social media channels, email and MMS, putting a face to the countless, tireless fans “Standing Proud” for their team!

Estimated Total Social Reach and Engagement – 5,257
Number of fans engaged during activation – 600

NZ Chiefs – Insta Banner
Everyone loves the chance to show their support for their team during a big game, so we teamed up with the New Zealand Chiefs and First Windows to create bespoke Blink Insta banners for fans to show off during the match. 

Instantly printed and shared with eager fans, the banners were not only a popular favourite on social media, but garnered extensive media coverage throughout the televised events.

Estimated total Social Reach and Engagement – 28,200
Number of fans engaged through activation – 2962
Number of unique banners produced – 890

Activations like these are just some of the ways Blink Republic can help bring awareness to partnerships and elevate fan engagement for sport clubs and brands alike. 

If you’d like to chat about how we can take your event to the next level, get in touch today!