Why being an eco-conscious brand is easier than you think

Why being an eco-conscious brand is easier than you think

Qantas announced recently that they would be getting rid of 100 million single-use plastic items from their flights by 2020.

The world’s reaction?

“What took them so long?”.

In a world that’s increasingly conscious of waste, the environment, and the impact that the brands of today are having on the world of tomorrow, proving yourself to be genuinely fighting the good fight involves more than talking the talk.

So what’s stopping us? Many people associate being eco-friendly with being expensive, inconvenient, and generally just too much effort. But in fact, it’s much easier than you think to be eco-conscious by making small adjustments to your day to day business that changes the world for the better.

Where you source your materials from, how you utilise packaging, and how much waste your business produces are all signs of how seriously you’re taking your mission towards being green.


Sourcing responsibly

Your products and services define who you are as a brand – but they also send a message of how eco-responsible you are.

By digging a little deeper into who your suppliers are and the kinds of products they’re producing, it’s clear to see who are doing right by the environment, and who aren’t. Aligning yourself with other brands committed to making the world a better place lays the foundations for your business to become greener from the inside, out.



Perhaps $1 from every item you sell goes towards saving the rainforests in South America, but if that item comes wrapped in cellophane, placed in a plastic box, and shipped in an even larger plastic box, your message isn’t exactly consistent to the end buyer.

Take yourself on your customer’s journey, and consider how any packaging could be minimised while still maintaining maximum impact. Perhaps that’s through using more eco-responsible materials, avoiding individual wrapping, or making your products available in bulk.



Branded goods

There’s no doubt that branded goods have the power to convey your message to customers in a way that’s interactive, shareable, and lasting. But what message are you really sending?

By simply choosing an eco-conscious supplier for your branded goods, you can instantly share with the world your commitment to minimising your impact while still keeping the same quality your customers have come to expect. Blink Republic’s own Insta-Product – includes everything from tote bags to custom coffee cups – are all eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable, because we understand that effective marketing doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment.

Becoming more eco-friendly as a brand doesn’t have to cost the world. It begins by simply having an open, honest look at the way you do business, and asking yourself one simple question:


Can we do better?