Instant Personalisation of products

Instant Personalisation of products

The powers of personal engagement and instant personalised products


Summer is in full swing and we’ve had a cracking start to the new year. Among all the Christmas festivities, we launched a beach going activation for one of our favourite clients – Billabong.


In with the likes of the personalised Nutella jars to the personalised Coke bottles, we thought we’d kick off the year with a deep dive into just how Insta-products and banners and personal engagement with Billabong’s audience transformed a sunny day into a shareable, immersive experience for Billabong and their loyal tribe of fans.


Instant connection

Billabong approached us wanting to give their audience a whole new experience – one that was personal, interactive, and left each and every person with a unique reusable product customised just for them.


Oh, and did we mention each product was delivered instantly?


By creating branded, reusable tote bags and coffee cups, we were able to create an immersive connection within an environment that encapsulates the Billabong brand experience – beach side on a sunny summer’s day. Each product was printed with the name and design of choice for each participant, and delivered instantly thanks to our rapid printing technology. After all, who wants to wait around for a freebie?


But we like to take the concept of ‘instantly shareable’ to the next level. An image of each product was instantly attached to emails, mms and social media posts, further spreading the brand love, whilst collecting data at the same time!


The combination of our Insta range with our sharable content means that the impact of this activation was spread far and wide beyond the Billabong tent.


Why does it work?

Advertising to your target audience is one thing, but giving them an immersive experience with a personal touch gives them the motivation to connect with your brand on a deeper level – and gives them a positive, memorable experience that lasts long after the event.


With the integration of instantly shareable social media content, partnered with personalised goodies for fans to take home, Blink Republic can turn any environment – from retail spaces through to sport and music events – into an engaging experience that allows customers to share brand love with fun and unique content.


With a variety of Insta options available – from branded products to banners –  Blink Republic can help you turn your next activation into a holistic brand experience that fuses online marketing with real life, tangible interaction with your audience.


Not a bad day at the beach if we do say so ourselves!


If you’d like to find out more, drop into our Inbox here , we’d love to chat.