Why our Saturday nights during Covid 19 have been a highlight…

Why our Saturday nights during Covid 19 have been a highlight…

Back pre Covid (I think there is going to be a lot of reference to “pre Covid”) I woud spend my Saturday nights either at one of our events, catching a game or out for dinner, at the movies or at Hot Dub Time Machine…

On March 14th 2020 Saturday nights changed for us all.

I brought games and puzzles, set up my “to watch”  lists in Netflix, Stan, Apple TV…even started watching old music videos on You Tube (LFMAO Party Rocker – now a huge favourite in our house), set up Zoom quizzes and virtual drinks and bunkered down.

It was quite nice for a couple of Saturdays, a couple of weekends, a couple of weeks… BUT about day 15 I was all party rockered out, quizzed out even….I now realise why I am not an avid pub quiz goer…4 out of 20 being my average quiz score!!

Hot Dub Time Machine is my favourite DJ. He is the world’s first Time Travelling DJ, a global festival Smash Hit. Tom Loud aka Hot Dub first came onto my radar back in my alcohol marketing days. Jameson Whiskey was bringing to life St Patrick’s day at a large venue and Hot Dub Time Machine was one of the acts. He was the highlight of the event – everyone loved his set, partying from 1950 until 2014.

Ever since then, if I have had a free weekend and Hot Dub has been playing  (in Australia or the UK) I have been there, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs with thousands of other fans, hands in the air for the traditional photo capture of the gig (a moment in the night when we are all captured in an image).

Hot Dub Time Machine is an EXPERIENCE. It’s a journey – not only is it a song from every year from the 1950’s to today, but for a fan it is a journey of memories. Take the decade of the 2000’s – I was a uni – every song from 2000 – 2010 reminds me  of a time…a house party, a friend…

When Tom announced that he was going to bring to life #Hotdubathome a few Saturday’s ago, I did a little dance…a lounge dance, in preparation of course! Ever since for 2 hours on a Saturday night we are lost in the Hot Dub Time Machine… This is an example of a real time event that is successfully delivered online. Over 10000 fans tune in and JOIN in on Saturday night and here is why….

#hotdubathome delivers:

  • AN EXPERENCE that you can participate in:
    • Fans feel part of a community, part of a group, they come together
    • Fans can comment on a messenger platform that is visible throughout
    • Images and videos are captured by fans live and shared instantly – everyone gets to share how they are experiencing the main event
    • THE experience is visual (multi screens capture different components) as well as audible
    • The iconic moment is still captured, now it is made up of 10000 individual moments, brought together into one iconic montage #Blinkimage


Hot Dub at home is VIRTUAL FANDOM.

With so many live events – sports, music, acts currently on hold and with us as fans craving the simple things like CONNECTION, how can we bring the two together online? Well done @TomLoud – you have nailed it and made Saturday nights an experience!

Blink Image produces the montage of the experience currently and has created VIRTUAL FANDOM ideas for sport and music clients




#Hotdubathome is 2 hours (6-8pm) Saturday night

Hosted on Twitch

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