Connected Technology: The What, Why and How?

Connected Technology: The What, Why and How?

“What we want is the ability to share content outside of wherever an event is happening” Kevin Jackson, Event Magazine’s Most Influential Person 2014.

Connected Technology Social Media Booth Undies Run

So what exactly is Connected Technology? Why are leading Event, Sponsorship and Festival Directors all looking to use Connected Technology? And how can others start to integrate Connected Technology into their Events?


Connected Technology generally refers to software and hardware solutions that help merge the digital and physical worlds. In the Marketing and Events industries Connected Technology solutions are increasingly being used to connect consumers with friends, brands and events. Merging Social Media with Event, Sponsorship or Brand experiences through interactive media.

Connected Technology Social Media Touch and iPhone

Examples include Marketing Technology firm BL!NK Republic’s Social Media Booth and Insta-Banner which create interactive experiences and allow guests to instantly share their Event experience with Friends and Family on Social Media.

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Nike, Sydney Fashion Festival, Good Food and Wine Show, Cricket Australia, Telstra and Virgin Media are among the leading Brands that have used Connected Technology to build engagement with guests and increase reach among new consumers.

The Social Media interaction and awareness created by these technologies helps increase Sponsors returns and the Events to grow. As Kevin Jackson notes “all of a sudden, costs per person have come down and you have engaged a wider community.”

Connected Technology Social Media Virgin and Telstra

Connected Technology also helps Brands and Event’s increase connections with consumers on a longer term basis. The content created and shared by Users increases Social Media Followers as friends share their Event experience.

Consumer Data captured by the systems also allows Brand and Events to continue the relationship with guests sharing new content, special incentives and latest news via email and mobile.

Connected Technology Social Media McDonalds Results


Connected Technology is most effective when integrated into an Event or Campaign creating an engaging, interactive experience for consumers. The technology should allow instant sharing via Social Media to increase awareness engagement – Social Media has become one of our most instantaneous forms of communication, in the same way guests want to share event experiences when they are happening. This means Connected Technology must allow instant sharing and have easy to use interfaces for people to engage with.

Connected Technology Social Media Booth Touch

Technology such as BL!NK Republic’s Social Media Booth and INSTA-Banner are designed to be integrated into any Sporting, Music, Entertainment or Fashion event using customised Branding and Social Media Messaging. Alternatively be-spoke customised systems can be developed including a range of media and interactive technologies.

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