Nike uses Social Media Booth technology as part of She Runs the Night

Nike uses Social Media Booth technology as part of She Runs the Night

Social Media Photo Booth technology developed BL!NK Republic has been used by Nike as part of Australia’s first ever female night race, She Runs The Night.


As part of the race experience Nike has used a Social Media Photo Booth to increase consumer engagement and social media interaction. Allowing consumers to instantly share their ‘She Runs The Night’ pictures with friends online via Facebook Wall Post, Email or MMS messages.

The Social Media Photo Booths let consumers become part of the brand campaign and gave them a print out of their own ‘She Runs The Night’ moment. Integration with Facebook, email and mobile allowed consumers to share the picture instantly with Friends and Family.

The Social Media Photo Booth instantly shares pictures with Nike’s on-line community with uploads to the brands Facebook page. Using interactive touch-screens at the event runners are able to share their ‘She Runs The Night’ pictures via Facebook Wall Post, Email or Mobile with all the messages linking back to the Nike Facebook page.

The ‘She Runs The Night’ picture posts instantly generated Social Media engagement and interactions with the Nike Facebook page as as friends and family respond to the runners pictures and updates.

Tagging, Sharing, Comments and Likes generated by the Social Media Photo Booth posts continued to drive Nike’s Facebook page views, unique users and new likes as users check out the She Runs The Night pictures.