Interactive technology lets Sydney Sixers fans instantly print and share their messages of support!

The Sydney Sixers BBL04 Fan Day was a chance for fans to get up close and personal with players from the Sydney Sixers and NSW Cricket teams before watching a trial match between the Sixers and an SCG XI team.

The Sydney Sixers helped fans show their support for the team and increase Social Media engagement by using interactive INSTA-banner technology.

INSTA-banner instantly prints fans a personalised supporter banner with any message they would like. Using touch screens fans can then instantly share their message on Facebook, Twitter, via email or mobile.

The activation was hugely popular amongst fans of all ages with hundreds of banners being printed. Banners take less than a minute to print and are 60cm x 40cm making them ideal for showing support in the crowd. With the chance to meet some of the Sydney Sixers players lucky kids also used the banners to collect autographs of their favourite players.

To help show their support for the Sydney Sixers and share their messages with Family and Friends fans select their message on the INSTA-banner touch screen and choose to share it on Facebook, Twitter, email or mobile. The instant sharing helps spread awareness day and increase support for the Sydney Sixers on Social Media.

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